Safety Manager (DOT)

We are looking for an experienced and highly motivated Safety Manager at Brand Vaughan. The ability to make an impact and provide knowledge, experience, and guidance around DOT, OSHA, continuous improvement, and other various safety and HR funtions will make you a great candidate for this important and exciting position.

Headquartered in Tucker, Georgia, Brand-Vaughan Lumber (BVL) is a privately owned and operated provider of building materials, including framing, engineered lumber, doors, windows, siding, roofing, millwork and installation services. Established in 1946 in the Atlanta market, BVL is financially strong and operates 5 growing locations in Georgia. At BVL, we help our customers successfully build homes and commercial projects while providing career opportunities for our associates. We live our mission statement every day to “Deliver extra mile service and leave a positive impression through our commitment to the principle “Strength Lies Within.” If our mission and the desire to grow and learn in a great American industry is appealing to you, we would love for you to consider becoming part of our team.

Scope of Work

1) Directs and manages, using a hands on approach, the quality, safety and operational excellence systems/programs and department personnel within a fast pace/dynamic environment.

2) Develops, implements and maintains a quality, safety and operations systems/programs to assure all products and services meet specific manufacturers specifications

3) Demonstrates continuous effort to improve overall compliance and operational performance across Brand Vaughan Lumber.

Required/Desired Skills and Experience

  • 1) Provides leadership to personnel through effective goal setting, delegation, and communication.
  • 2) Ensures workplace is in compliance with OSHA, Department of Transportation, and other state, local, or industry specific regulations and safety audits are conducted
  • 3) Provides programs that ensure a safe workplace including safety operations, skill training, emergency preparedness, proper job instruction, and use of protective equipment
  • 4) Develops a systemic process to collect data and analyze the causes of accidents and generate required reporting
  • 5) Implements initiatives to reduce and prevent accidents, occupational illnesses, and exposure to long term hazards
  • 6) Aligns goals and metrics of the department with the Companies goals, policies and strategies.
  • 7) Maintains the facility's Corrective and Preventative Action System and ensures timely reporting, verification, and closeout of issues, including root cause analysis.
  • 8) Ensures all necessary reports, (internal, customer, regulatory etc.) are properly prepared, processed, updated and maintained.
  • 9) Reviews technical problems and procedures of departments and recommends solutions to problems or changes in procedures and processes.
  • 10) Develops quality and safety plans for new, existing or revised materials and products to ensure quality and safety meets the company, customer, regulatory/industry requirements.
  • 11) Generates training materials and programs as required, and conducts training sessions to support Quality and Safety systems/programs.
  • 12) Participates as team member, facilitator, or leader in various cross-functional problem solving, continuous improvement projects/events.
  • 13) Bachelor's Degree or 10 years related experience or equivalent combination of both.
  • 14) Minimum 7 Years’ experience in working with OSHA, Department of Transportation, and other state and local agencies
  • 15) TenStreet software a plus
  • 16) Smith System Certification a plus
  • 17) Driver E-Log software/GPS Insight experience a plus
  • 18) Some travel is required to local sites

Who Are You?

We need people who:

  • Are service oriented
  • A leader of people as well as a manager of processes – serves others and teaches others business principles including leadership.
  • OARS - Accept Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility for results through your commitment to the principle, Strength Lies Within. Together, we do it better.
  • A competitor – energized by competition and love to win. Respond well to having measurable goals and driven to produce results both yourself and with others.
  • Possess intensity – this industry requires people who have stamina and endurance and are willing to work on themselves as hard as they do their jobs. High energy and focus are needed to be successful.
  • Possess strong values – integrity and honesty. Refuse to cut corners, take shortcuts or compromise on doing the right things. Enjoy serving others and understand that in order to successfully lead you must be able to follow.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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