Market Manager - Columbus Location

We are looking for a Market Manager to join our team at our Columbus Location.

At BVL, the Market Manager is a hands-on leader who ensures our teams understand and execute on our mission statement and maximize our productivity and profitability. A Brand-Vaughan Market Manager must be a team player with an entrepreneurial spirit. This leader directs and manages market wide activities, including operations, manufacturing and sales.

Scope of Work:

  1. Coordinate and oversee market leadership team activities to maximize efficiencies and resources across all affected areas ensuring the understanding and execution of our Mission Statement.
  2. Develop, coordinate, and execute budgets and operational strategies with the Vice President and Director of Sales and Operations team. Action plans to include strategies to remove barriers, penetrate new product categories and execute our Mission Statement.
  3. Effectively communicate with diverse levels of customers, vendors and associates.
  4. Ensure company and market-wide expectations of productivity and commitment to delivering Extra Mile service are met.
  5. Open communication with all levels regarding market challenges, solutions and business impacts.
  6. Manage expense budget to ensure successful compliance for market-wide budget demands.
  7. Facilitate AR and collection activities as needed; actively participating in account review and providing necessary market leadership support.
  8. Responsible for hiring, training, and development of employees.

Required/Desired Skills and Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree in business management, engineering or a related field. (Desired)
  2. Working knowledge of operational budgets and safety/compliance requirements. (Required)
  3. MS Office/Excel skills. (Required)
  4. Minimum 5 years management experience in the home building industry. (Required)
  5. Demonstrated management experience, financial analysis, credit and legal adeptness, employee training and development, forecasting and budgetary planning, as well as strong expense management skills. (Required)

Who Are You?

We need people who:

  • Are service oriented
  • Are leaders of people – serves others and teaches others business principles including leadership.
  • OARS - Accept Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility for results through your commitment to the principle, Strength Lies Within. Together, we do it better.
  • Are competitors – energized by competition and love to win. Respond well to having measurable goals and driven to produce results both yourself and with others.
  • Possess intensity – this industry requires people who have stamina and endurance and are willing to work on themselves as hard as they do their jobs. High energy and focus are needed to be successful.
  • Possess strong values – integrity and honesty. Refuse to cut corners, take shortcuts or compromise on doing the right things. Enjoy serving others and understand that in order to successfully lead you must be able to follow!

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Drugs Don't Work!