Why Our Builders Are Choosing YellaWood Brand Pressure-Treated Pine

Homebuilders love brand name products and want quality wood for their outdoor projects, but not all products will stand up to harsh, wet climates or the test of time. For long-lasting customer satisfaction, try pressure-treated wood.


Java with Jon

How do you know what your employees want? Where do they see their career going? For Brand Vaughan Lumber President, Jon Vaughan, the solution was simple: He asked.


Top 10 Places to Celebrate With Your Team in Atlanta

When it comes to celebrating the successes of your team, don’t settle for a basic banquet hall event. A great benefit of being an Atlanta-based business is having access to unique venues to show your team how much you appreciate their hard work.


Brand-Vaughan Lumber Is One of Atlanta’s Top 50 Midsized Workplaces!

Brand Vaughan Lumber President Jon Vaughan and CEO Chip Vaughan were delighted to find out that BVL had been named the 27th Top Midsized Workplace in Atlanta, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Your Guide to Retaining Skilled Employees

Recruiting might be one way to thrive during the labor shortage, but the long-term solution is employee retention. So how do you invest in your employees without going out of business? This complete guide to employee retention will show you how.

Aspyre Design by James Hardie: Is It the Next Big Thing?

For many years, stone and brick have been the go-to cladding solutions for durability and prestige. But we’re now seeing new products and design options, including fiber cement panels and premium siding, take on stone and brick.


Boise Cascade: 5 Reasons It’s Our #1 EWP

As a lumber dealer, we, of course, carry engineered wood products — and a ton of them! Boise Cascade has been our engineered wood product (EWP) supplier of choice for the last 8 years, and it’s a decision we haven’t regretted.


The Premier CertainTeed Roofing Dealer in Georgia

Roofers and builders in Georgia have an abundance of experience with roof damage. However, most homeowners don’t want to pay for new roofs over and over again because the roofing material can’t handle Georgia weather.


The Benefits of Turnkey Structural Framing

Every new member of the crew is another moving piece to keep track of. Add in dealing with suppliers and coordinating deliveries, and it can seem like a wonder the project gets off the ground at all. That’s why turnkey structural framing can be beneficial to you and the project.