Image of a man drawing architectural plans

8 Things Designers Wish Builders Knew

The builder and designer relationship is one of the most pivotal in a construction project. A positive relationship can lead to more successful projects (and happier clients), so maintaining a healthy professional connection is key.

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A two-story house with a large front porch

Influencer Spotlight: Meet Jacque Edmonds

Jacque Edmonds is passionate about bringing great design and architecture to Atlanta.

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Chris Ketchum sits at his desk looking at monitors

Meet Our Logistics Team

There may not be a “perfect” career that exists, but there are people who fit perfectly into a job role. Chris Ketchum has been with Brand Vaughan for more than 6 years now, and his position here seems to be an excellent fit.

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SR Homes website with their motto spread across an image of two houses.

Brand Vaughan Lumber’s Top Atlanta Builders Directory

At Brand Vaughan, we pride ourselves on working with companies who create retreats where memories are made and lives are shaped. The builders listed here are exceptional at what they do, making them the ones to watch for the future.

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Your Guide to Retaining Skilled Employees

Recruiting might be one way to thrive during the labor shortage, but the long-term solution is employee retention. So how do you invest in your employees without going out of business? This complete guide to employee retention will show you how.

Chip stands with the founders of BVL

Chatting With Chip: Tradition and Innovation at BVL

The founders of Brand Vaughan Lumber rode the surge of business that the economy provided post-World War II, and they established the company in Atlanta in the 1940s. More than 70 years later, Brand Vaughan Lumber continues to build on the solid foundation they established.

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Image of siding on a newly built house during the construction period.

Turn-Key Siding: What’s Available and Why You Want It

There are many reasons why siding is an important part of the home. It’s the first thing you see from the outside, it plays an important role in protecting the house from damage, and it creates curb appeal.

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Image of man stacking siding with a forklift.

Building More Efficient Homes With LP TechShield

When you give your client a home they can count on, the benefits go further than durability and a happy family. Your reputation and experience create the foundation for your business to grow.

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