The Benefits of Turnkey Structural Framing

Every new member of the crew is another moving piece to keep track of. Add in dealing with suppliers and coordinating deliveries, and it can seem like a wonder the project gets off the ground at all. That’s why turnkey structural framing can be beneficial to you and the project.


Retaining Your Skilled Employees: It's More Than a Free Lunch

Retaining your employees, especially experienced, skilled workers, is key to growing your business. If you lose skilled workers, you lose your consistency, and in turn, lose the leverage needed to attract new clients and grow a healthy business. But retaining your current employees requires an understanding of what your current employees need.


4 Strategies to Help Residential Builders Get More Referrals

For most residential builders, referrals are a crucial way of getting new business. When a past client refers you to someone else, that referral holds more weight with the new client than an impartial referral from a third party website or a name they found online. You have the opportunity to do more to encourage each client you interact with to become a referring client in the future.


Planning for Success: Partnering With Suppliers and Dealers

Builders rely on their suppliers and dealers to deliver quality products on time and at the best cost. But this relationship has potential, one that’s more than a transaction between companies. From impressing your homeowner clients to industry insights, the relationships that builders establish with their suppliers and dealers can lead to bigger business success.

Your Guide to Retaining Skilled Employees

Recruiting might be one way to thrive during the labor shortage, but the long-term solution is employee retention. So how do you invest in your employees without going out of business? This complete guide to employee retention will show you how.

From The Desk of Jon Vaughan: On Legacy and Tradition in 2018

As a company that’s been family owned and operated since 1946, it’s important that we balance the values we believe in with modern initiatives that help us grow. Every year we incorporate trainings and events for our employees to learn about our history and our values. Here are some of our favorites to give you an idea of how we develop our employees at Brand Vaughan Lumber (BVL), and how we live our values every single day.


Improving Construction Processes and Materials

Innovation isn’t a term normally associated with the construction and building materials industry. We’re taking major strides to change that reputation and help our clients streamline their job sites by improving deliveries, improving materials and improving installation methods.


Building The Future: Hiring Millennials and Generation Z to Grow Your Business

The construction industry is currently suffering from a severe labor shortage. There simply aren’t enough skilled workers to fill open jobs. Recruiting millennials and Generation Z to the trades by changing their perception of the importance of college and how they view the trades, including trade salary, job security and job satisfaction.


Why Builders Should Use Drones on the Job Site

With the ability to make assessments of the property from the ground, as well as the appeal that drone footage and photographs have for clients, many builders are finding that the benefits of drone usage far outweigh the costs. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do with a drone, but they can be an expensive purchase. And if you aren’t using it to its maximum potential, then you aren’t getting your money’s worth. However, there are many benefits to drones that will ensure your money is well spent.