Products That Perform: Partner Spotlight on Huber Engineered Woods

Residential builders know their project is only going to be as successful as the materials they choose. Understanding which weatherization products make installation easier can help builders guarantee a high-quality job and a resilient home that their clients can rely on.


Turn-Key Doors: What’s Available and Why You Want It

How many doors are inside a house? When you think about it, there may be more interior doors in a home than almost anything else. Each one offers privacy and some sound insulation, but after that, all interior doors are basically the same.


Our Favorite Historic Homes in Georgia

With almost 300 years of history, architecture in Georgia runs deep. From classic Georgian estates to mid-century modern homes, there is a style for everyone. And while not everyone wants a sprawling Gothic mansion, there are many design elements from iconic Georgian homes that can be incorporated into your next residential build.


Let Mi Windows and Doors Brighten Your Next Design

One of the hardest working elements of a home is the one most people look right through. Glass windows and doors do double duty: Letting in natural light and connecting homeowners with their community while keeping the elements out, without relying on of inches of insulation and other building materials.

Your Guide to Retaining Skilled Employees

Recruiting might be one way to thrive during the labor shortage, but the long-term solution is employee retention. So how do you invest in your employees without going out of business? This complete guide to employee retention will show you how.

Top 9 Smart Home Accessories to Offer Your Clients

As the internet moves off our computers and into our pockets, the demand for technology integrated into all aspects of life is a normal expectation from homebuyers. While price, layout and location of a home are still king, smart accessories add an updated differentiator to the crowded new build, residential construction market.


Why Our Builders Are Choosing YellaWood Brand Pressure-Treated Pine

Homebuilders love brand name products and want quality wood for their outdoor projects, but not all products will stand up to harsh, wet climates or the test of time. For long-lasting customer satisfaction, try pressure-treated wood.


Java with Jon

How do you know what your employees want? Where do they see their career going? For Brand Vaughan Lumber President, Jon Vaughan, the solution was simple: He asked.


Top 10 Places to Celebrate With Your Team in Atlanta

When it comes to celebrating the successes of your team, don’t settle for a basic banquet hall event. A great benefit of being an Atlanta-based business is having access to unique venues to show your team how much you appreciate their hard work.